Taxi get its tile from centuries ago. A cash paid service, a mode of transportation for men and women desire to go from one point to

The word taxi means payment, a paid means of transportation. We have the desire to promote this taxi industry because too many people depend on it. Some of them believe it’s cheaper to use taxi daily than a personal car. They don’t need an auto insurance, daily maintenance, bother with high cost of  repair and part replacement. We respond all calls for taxi or car service needs. Also, drivers stand by 24 hours ready to drive you where you need to be.

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At Naples FL taxi and car service, we have 24 hour taxi service. It’s affordable, cheap taxi that cost far less than DUI and better than Uber or Lift. We reject reckless drivers, criminals, drug addicts and likeness to ensure the safety of passengers. Drunk drivers are the worse of them, the fact they hurt or kill themself and others. Destroying properties cost insurance companies million of dollars each year. Many people come to Florida as tourists, visitors rent cars and don’t know directions and locations. They cause accidents and leave a bad reputation for us, that create higher insurance cost. At that point, Floridians drivers are considered high risk because of many accidents each year.

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As the most reputable taxi in Naples FL, we go above and beyond. We always and will drive the last mile until complete satisfaction. Don’t be impress by so call taxi like Uber or Lift that are incompetent to provide the least taxi service. Because we are the trusted taxi that everyone rely on, it becomes a duty to keep our standard. We don’t leave room for regrets and disappointments in an effort to encourage everyone.

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Your top choice for taxi transportation in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Marco Island, Fort Myers airport - RSW. We guarantees that your TAXI service experience will be a five star: our drivers are courteous, polite, very knowledgeable of the local routes, airport traffic times and will always get you at your destination on time. You can call us with any questions at (239) 777-0777 or email

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