What’s New- Naples FL taxi service


What’s New- Naples FL taxi service

Best Naples FL taxi service

best naples fl taxi service
Before I met Naples FL Taxi, the best naples fl taxi service, I’ve used a different cab company in the past. They’re expensive, rude and not reliable. Thank God for that day; I made a taxi reservation 3 days in advance. 15 minutes to pick up, my phone rings, thinking the taxi driver is outside waiting for me; Wrong! The driver with be half hour late.
I’ve decided at that point to call a different taxi company and I see these 5 stars reviews of Naples FL Taxi. I gave them a shot and my taxi is there in 10 minutes. Truly, I don’t even remember the struggle I’ve been thru because I am very satisfied of the service. I recommend anyone who read my comments, to use the best taxi service and you won’t go wrong.

NaplesFLtaxi.com – the best Naples FL taxi service! Great service that will make you a customer for life! Our number is easy to remember: (239)777-0777 and our website name says it all: NaplesFLtaxi.com

In this section we’ll keep you updated with what’s new with our fleet, new cars, unmarked limo or town car, our outstanding drivers, taxi discounts, new areas we cover, special taxi rates, etc.

best naples taxi service

What’s New?

Two weeks ago, I hadI had a great experience. A call from this young woman who needs taxi service to the airport. I was curious to know how she found this number. When I ask her, she said:

<<I was looking for a decent taxi company in Naples, I went online and I’ve seen pages of ads, with all kind of mambo jambo. None of them impress me. In my curiosity, I saw a difference, I saw this BBB logo and I dug into it. Among all these cab services, do you know Naples FL Taxi is the only accredited taxi service in Naples? I realize you can’t have this logo unless you earn it. You can’t be an A+ company to BBB, with all kind of bad reviews, because you spend so much money. These years in business, providing  good service, give you this experience. After my trip to  RSW airport, all I can say:  Naples FL Taxi is the best taxi in Naples FL.>>

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Your top choice for taxi transportation in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Marco Island, Fort Myers airport - RSW. We guarantees that your TAXI service experience will be a five star: our drivers are courteous, polite, very knowledgeable of the local routes, airport traffic times and will always get you at your destination on time. You can call us with any questions at (239) 777-0777 or email info@NaplesFLtaxi.com

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